Technical Expertise

Over the last 15 years we have gained a wealth of first hand-experience in working with children of convicts and traumatized children. Our staff includes leading global experts of children of convicts. By working closely with universities and hospitals in Europe and China, we are able to share this knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest academic insights, best practices and international developments. Through our project work and via our contributions to international forums, including the United Nations, we are well connected to key experts around the world in the field.

Services we can provide

  • We are very open to sharing our own best practices and technical expertise with other non-profit organizations, corporations and government institutions. The following are a selection of the services we can provide:
  • Training in the field of childcare and protection including training for people who work with at-risk children or those in contact with traumatized (am/br) children (e.g. media staff covering natural disasters)
  • Assist stakeholders in the development of training materials, curriculum development, childcare policies for staff and & organizations working with at-risk and traumatized children
  • Assist government partners with policy preparation, developing standards for childcare and protection, setting-up childcare inspection units, developing standard operating procedures, and providing analysis of childcare and protection practices
  • Advise prison authorities on the best way to assist children with a parent in prison and on how to make prison visits more child-friendly.

Our solutions are always tailored to the local needs with full attention for socio-economic, cultural and gender specific differences.


  • Training materials on childcare and protection, developed with assistance from Morning Tears, have been endorsed in China on a national level by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and are now officially used throughout China in state-run child protection centers.


  • In September 2013 Morning Tears and Save the Children provided an intensive training for staff working in state-run Children Protection Centres in China. The training provided for the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs had 54 staff in attendance from 29 Chinese provinces and 48 cities. Morning Tears Executive Director, Dr. Koen Sevenants, used the organizations 15 years of first-hand experience in working with severely traumatized children to provide the participants with a good understanding of trauma, abuse and child neglect. Post-training feedback by the participants was very positive and the Ministry of Civil Affairs released a statement on its website

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