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As a Home Provider you make a crucial difference to the lives of the children at the Coming Home Program in Zhengzhou. Home Providers support one family unit of a maximum of eight children for one year with full time 24/7 care, psychological assistance, basic needs like gas / water / electricity, school costs, social activities and transportation. Your support to Morning Tears and thereby the children means a lot and is much more than a donation, it gives hope. Children of convicts are often invisible and together we can show them that they are not forgotten or alone in the challenges they face on a daily basis. Its is through your support as a Home Provider that we, step by step, can re-build the world for children who have lost their own.

You can become a Home Provider from 85.000 CNY per year during which we will keep you informed on the family unit you support via two specific reports and you are of course welcome to visit. We are also keen to see together with you how your support as a Home Provider can benefit your company or organization.

For more information or to become a Home Provider please contact us.

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