Coming Home Program (China)

The Coming Home Program (Ai Tong Yuan) is located in Zhengzhou and provides full time residential care for max. 56 children.

This project focuses on children of convicts that have nowhere else to go following the arrest and sentencing of the parent(s). Many of the children in this project have one parent who killed the other. As a result of everything that has happened, the remaining family, if any, cannot or does not want to take care of the children. In some instances the community where the children are from is no longer a safe environment. From experience we know that prior to the arrest of the parent(s) this group of children were subject to physical and domestic violence. As a result of all that has happened most of these children have (multiple) traumas and sometimes they also have physical problems.

Our Approach

The children live a normal life like other children and go to school outside the center. They are provided with all basic needs (food, clothing, housing, medical care, schooling), and also receive specialized psychological/trauma care. Contact with their parent(s) in prison is facilitated whenever possible. We cooperate with all relevant authorities makes it often possible to have more and longer prison visits that are also more child friendly (no separation, direct contact with parent and enjoying a meal together).

Research shows that children who grow up outside of their homes without parents or other family members are best cared for in a home-like environment. Morning Tears strives to provide the best care for our children; our centers are divided into family units whereby 8 children and 2 caregivers to live together as a family. This way they participate in the daily life of a small home and society while having the support of their peers. All the homes are linked to an onsite child assistance center. The child assistance center is the starting point for the intake of new children. Psychological and basic medical assistance is also provided here as well as training for the caregivers, social workers and psychologist. Close links are maintained with hospitals and prisons.

Model Project

The center was built in 2008 following a Memorandum of Understanding between Morning Tears and the Zhengzhou Street Children Protection Center. The Coming Home Program is part of our wider effort to strengthen governmental capacity and is recognized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as a model for childcare and protection in China.

Support our work

Our work for the children depends for 100% upon grants and donations. Your support matters and makes a difference in the life of the children.


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