Founded in China in 1998, Morning Tears is an international non-profit organization who stands up for children of convicts through raising awareness of the issues surrounding such children and capacity building. Morning Tears is a non-political, non-profit and non-religious organization.

Vision (‘Our dream’)

Today there are millions of children of convicts who still live without their basic rights and cannot grow up with dignity. We at Morning Tears envision a different world.

Morning Tears dreams of a world in which the The Rights of the Child are available to all children of prisoners. In this world, all people would consider it their duty to help create a loving and caring environment for children of prisoners, in which respect and understanding gain the way from biases and prejudices. Governments of all nations would continuously safeguard the interests of children of prisoners. Morning Tears dreams of a world where children of prisoners grow up with dignity with a fair chance to develop their full potential.


Morning Tears strives to ensure that the rights of the child are available to all children of convicts, and to enable these children to grow up in dignity and develop their full potential.


The Morning Tears strategy is two-fold:

1. Awareness & Advocacy
Make people, corporations and governments around the globe aware of the hidden challenges children of convicts face and what they can do to ensure that all children have access to their fundamental rights and can develop their full potential.

2. Capacity Building
Work in close cooperation and very constructively with (non)-governmental partners to build their capacity and structures to address the needs of children of convicts. This includes setting-up model projects, policy advice, developing and providing training (materials). Our work focuses on high-quality sustainable programs that offer long-lasting benefits to the child and society. All of our work is tailored to the local needs of the children with respect for gender and cultural diversity.


Morning Tears consists of independent non-profit organizations, named ’Morning Tears [Country].’ The country level organizations collaborate under the umbrella of the Morning Tears Alliance which was first registered in Belgium on March 18, 2005 as ‘Morning Tears VZW’ (registration number 0873.325.840).

The International Secretariat is the executive body of the Morning Tears Alliance and supports the Morning Tears countries and all international activities. It is headed by the Executive Director / Founder, Dr. Koen Sevenants. The Executive Director reports directly to the Morning Tears Alliance Board.

The Morning Tears Alliance Board (‘the Board’) is the highest decision making authority within the Morning Tears Alliance and safeguards the overall functioning and long-term sustainability of Morning Tears. It also acts as a platform to enhance internal cooperation via the exchange of best practices and ideas between the Morning Tears countries. The Board consists of representatives from the Morning Tears countries and independent advisors. It is chaired by the Morning Tears President, Mr. Luc Poppe. The President, Executive Director and advisers are non-voting members of the Board.

More information about Morning Tears can be found in our Charter, Organisational Structure and our Governance Policy.