Capacity Building

We believe that we can have the biggest impact by strengthening care systems instead of working on single projects. Our capacity building work is aimed at making sure that sufficient and good quality care is available for all at-risk children, and children of convicts in particular.

Model projects

We know from experience that it’s often more effective to show what can be done instead of just talking about it. One successful example is our model center for residential care in Zhengzhou; the Coming Home Program. Children are provided with a loving and caring home, food, clothing, education, medical and specialized psychological/trauma care. Contact with their parent(s) in prison is facilitated whenever possible. Children are supported and guided into their early adult life and/or re-united with their parents over the course of time.

Training & policy assistance

We assist our governmental, corporate and civil society partners who work with vulnerable and traumatized children throughout the entire chain of events. This assistance can include the creation of training materials & curricula, minimum standards, standard operating procedures etc. Morning Tears also provide training and pioneers training materials using e-learning tools.


Over the last 15 years we have gained a wealth of first-hand experience in dealing with at-risk children and children of convicts. By working closely with universities, related institutions and international forums like the United Nations we are able to share our learnings and stay up-to-date on the latest academic insight, best practices and international developments. Cooperation with partners in Europe and Asia allows us to take the best of both worlds and ensure that ultimately the children benefit from the best care available.

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